Talk About Favourite Class in High School CELPIP Speaking

Talk About Favourite Class in High School. CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience

CELPIP Speaking Task 2 Personal Experience

Talk about your favourite class in high school. Why did you enjoy it?


Questions like this are completely subjective. In this question, you need to use past tense verbs. Many English learners never use past tense verbs in their speech. This is a major problem and will really impact your score in this question! Practice making a list of simple past verbs that you think you’ll use to answer this question.


You only have 30 seconds to prepare for this question, so think about your favourite subject in high school or college and start thinking of reasons why you enjoyed it. Try to take some brief notes to help you if you forget what you wanted to say. For example, if you chose biology as your favourite class, your notes could look like this:

1. Human body…
2. Dissecting animals…
3. Teacher


Let’s imagine that we chose biology as our favourite class. Here are some words we could use in our answer.

Dissect (to cut open and examine)
Encouraging (supportive)
Evoke (cause)
Menstrual cycle (woman’s monthly cycle)
Reproductive system

Giggle (playful laughter)
Anatomy (parts of body)
Erection (penis becomes stiff)
Awkward (uncomfortable)
Approachable (easy to talk to)
Down to earth (friendly, relaxed)
Freak out (react negatively)
Engaging (interesting)
Make or break (make enjoyable or miserable)

CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience – Talk About Your Favourite Class in High School

My favourite class in high school was biology. There were several aspects of the class I enjoyed. The first thing that comes to mind is the unit we did on the reproductive system. It was a bit awkward because we learned all about male and female anatomy. We talked openly about women’s menstrual cycles and how a man gets an erection. That definitely evoked a few giggles from the class. Even though it was a bit awkward, I think everyone really enjoyed it.

Another aspect of the class I really enjoyed was dissecting animals. I remember one day we dissected frogs and all the girls in the class freaked out. I felt a bit uncomfortable too, but I learned so much in the process! Probably the biggest reason that biology was my favourite class was that the teacher was so down to earth and friendly. Unlike a lot of my other teachers in high school, she was really approachable! I was never scared to ask a question.

She was really knowledgeable about the subject and aways helped us when we needed it. Her classes were super engaging, and I never got bored! When I think back about biology class, it makes me realize that a teacher can totally make or break the class!

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