Talk about How You met Your Best Friend CELPIP Speaking

Talk about How You met Your Best Friend CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience

CELPIP Speaking Task 2 Personal Experience

Talk about how you met your best friend.


This question is asking you to describe the whole event or process of meeting your best friend. Don’t focus too much on the word “how”. Actually, the question should include all these aspects too:

When? Where? Who?
How did the friendship develop?

Maybe the story of how you met your best friend was not very exciting. Maybe you can only think of, “We met in college.” Your answer doesn’t need to be exciting, but it needs to be much longer than one sentence! Try to think of some details. Maybe talk about how your relationship developed.


Hit it off (instant connection)
Just so happened (by chance)
Gym (place for indoor sports)

CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience – Talk about One of Your Best Friends

When I was in my first year of college, I met my best friend Feriha. We were in the same management class and sat next to each other. The college was in Brampton, but we just so happened to be from the same city in Turkey! When we discovered that fact about each other, we immediately hit it off. We spent the rest of that semester studying together every day. We had other things in common too. For example, her and I used to play badminton in Turkey, so we would go to the college gym every weekend and play badminton with each other. She also loved cooking, so I would invite her to my house for cooking nights. One time we tried cooking spaghetti for the first time and we overcooked it and the noodles turned to mush. We gave it to my cat instead of eating it ourselves. Our friendship grew a lot in college, and after college we each got married and had our own families. We live in different cities now, but we still talk every week on Whatsapp.

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Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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