Talk About the Best Gift You Ever Received- CELPIP Speaking

Talk About the Best Gift You Ever Received CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience


Questions like this are completely subjective. The gift doesn’t need to be big. Just pick any gift that was meaningful to you and then take a few notes.

Your answer should include the 5 W’s:


Sentimental value (value comes from the memory)
Passing (death)
Priceless (extremely valuable)

CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience – Talk About the Best Gift You Ever Received

The best gift I ever received was the watch my grandpa used to wear. My grandma gave it to me after my grandpa’s passing. The watch is old and dull, so it’s not very nice to look at. But it has a lot of sentimental value for me.

When I was a kid my grandpa would take me to nearby parks in the summertime. He would always wear the watch. When I see the watch now, it reminds me of the great times I had in my childhood. After every walk, we had a tradition of going to McDonald’s for ice cream. Those memories are priceless to me. That’s why I wear the watch so proudly today.

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