Talk About Your Biggest Accomplishment – CELPIP Speaking

Talk About Your Biggest Accomplishment – CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience


Remember to use past tense verbs in your answer! Also, don’t waste time thinking of your biggest accomplishment because you only have 30 seconds to prepare for this question. Just think of any accomplishment and then start thinking of reasons why it is important to you. The reasons don’t have to be true. Just make them up if you can’t think of any!

Let’s suppose you decide to talk about graduating from college. What would your notes look like? My notes would look like this:

1. First in family
2. Admission tests
3. Good GPA

In this question, don’t focus so much on using lots of big words. Instead, focus on your tone of voice. The listener should be able to hear that you’re proud of yourself just by listening to your voice.


Brutal (extremely hard)

CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience – Talk About Your Biggest Accomplishment

Probably the biggest accomplishment I’ve had in life is graduating from university. It was a great achievement for me because my I was the first person in my family to get a university degree. My family was so proud of me. My grandfather even cried at the graduation ceremony. I worked so hard during the four years of university, and it felt so good to be done. Actually, I worked hard even before starting the degree because I had to pass a number of entrance exams. Those were brutal! So, even getting into university was a big accomplishment for me. Another reason why it was a great accomplishment was because I maintained an excellent GPA throughout my studies. Because of that, I received two incredible scholarships — one for $7000 and the other for $4000. Those really helped me out a lot! Anyway, getting a university degree was my biggest accomplishment so far in life.

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