Uber Driver Misbehaved with You – Email Writing

Uber Driver Misbehaved with You Email Writing

(150-200 words)

Read the following Information.

Uber driver misbehaved with you on the way to the office and you reached office late. Write an email to the Uber support department in about 150-200 words. 

Your email should do the following things:

– Write about the incident.
– Suggest ways to improve services.

CELPIP Writing Task 1 Email to a Uber Support for Driver Misbehaviour

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this email to provide you with details about an incident and file a complaint against the Uber driver, Sam.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning around 9.30 a.m. while travelling from my home to the office:

– The driver was 15 minutes late than the expected pickup time and spoke rudely over the phone when I called to ask about the reason for his delay.
– He jumped two red traffic lights and got stopped by the police, and when the police checked his driving license, it was expired.
– He drove very rashly and almost hit a truck coming from the opposite direction.

I got terrified and told him to stop the cab there and then. I had to take a bus to my office, which got me late. It is the worst cab experience I ever had.

I would like you to take immediate action against the uber driver and also would like to suggest you perform regular checkups on the drivers who will protect the passengers as well as improve your services.


Uber Driver Misbehaved with You CELPIP Letter Writing

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction with my recent travel experience with an Uber driver.

Last Monday, November 7th, I booked Uber at 9.00 am. In the Uber app, the waiting time is 5 minutes, but the driver arrived 20 minutes later. I tried to connect with the driver to convey my urgency of reaching to office, but he did not attend my call. The driver’s name is Philip, and the vehicle number is DY3398 OY After he reached my place, he answered rudely to me when I asked the reason for the delay.

After I entered the cab, I mentioned to the driver about my urgency of reaching the office. But, he shouted at me rudely, saying “it’s not his problem”. His body language sounded to be vague, and I felt threatened from inside. Even he didn’t take me to the exact location and dropped me somewhere closer to my destination. I spent 10 minutes on foot again to reach my office.

I would suggest your team train the uber drivers properly about behavioural training. Also, take the feedback given by passengers seriously and act on the drivers who are creating problems for the passengers.

I hope you understand the situation, and I expect proper actions to be incorporated.


CELPIP Writing Task 1 Email to a Uber Support Manager

Dear Uber support manager,

I am writing to express an unpleasant situation I have experienced during a ride with one of your drivers.

Yesterday, I asked a car through the app to take me to my job, as I am used to do every morning. When I entered the car, I couldn’t help thinking how dirty the back seat was. There was a sandwich sitting on the opposite extremity of the center, and the car interior wasn’t smelling good.

I chose not to worry about all that at the moment because I didn’t want to be late for work, and it was supposed to take me only 20 minutes to get to my destination. However, at a specific part of the way, the driver chose another pathway even though the GPS instructions kept indicating that we were not following the direction previously set.

Hopefully, after 30 minutes, we reached my company’s gate, and I felt secure again. You might want to reinforce through training programs that drivers should strictly follow the app GPS and must keep high cleaning standards.

Please let me know if you require further details.


CELPIP Email Writing Delay by Uber Driver

Dear Manager,

I am writing this email to bring your attention to an incident I had faced while using Uber. I reached late at my office and missed an important meeting due to the misdeed of the cab driver.

On Monday, 28th December 2020, I booked a ride to the office. I was about to forget some important papers, and I took some extra time to re-arrange them and board the cab late by just two minutes. As soon I entered the cab with the number plate, DYZ285, the driver started shouting at me. I apologized for the delay and expressed the urgency, but the driver was in a rage and purposely took a long and congested route, due to which I missed the meeting.

To maintain the standard of your cab services, I would like to suggest some improvements. Firstly, proper people management training and periodic refresher courses should be provided to the drivers. Additionally, guidelines should be posted near the dashboard so that drivers should always be aware of behaving correctly. Also, disciplinary actions should be taken against the persistent defaulters.

I hope I will not have to suffer such incidents in the future, or else I have to look for other vendors unwillingly.


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