University Survey on Digitalization CELPIP Writing

University Survey on Digitalization CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your university has decided to replace paper back books with digital books. The management has sent out an opinion survey to see what students think about the digitization of books

University Survey:

Option A:  University should buy more paper back books.
Option B: Digitalization is a good idea.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions University Digitalization

To Whom it may concern.

In the contemporary time, with the advancement of technology, many educational institutes have decided to use the digital books instead of paperback books. Many individuals are in favour of this viewpoint, whereas others opposed to it. I, personally, support this ideology. Several arguments surround my opinion, and in this essay, I will explore why digitization of books is a wise decision before reaching any plausible conclusion.

To commence, the advocates of having digital books in schools cite many reasons. Firstly, using these books is much more convenient than traditionally used paper books, which students can read and use anytime and anywhere. It is easy to carry digital data in their phones and the laptops. For instance, reading some essential topics for exams in a bus using digital books is a more straightforward method to carry whole study material without any hassle. Secondly, schools have to exert less effort to store and maintain books in libraries, classrooms, and the teacher’s office by this replacement. Finally, because of adopting digitalization in their daily lives, pupils become customary to use the technology, which is highly imperative to usher in the technical jobs.

On the other side, some sections of society, who support the idea of buying more paperback books in universities put forth the argument that digital books may cause health hassles. For instance, students may encounter eye irritation and anxiety when they spend their sizeable amount of time in front of laptops or mobile phones. Additionally, they feared that the digital data would be erased or files may be corrupted any time, if any technical glitch occurs in the system.

In conclusion, although there are some contrary arguments, it is felt that replacing paper books with digital ones is a step in the right direction. This policy requires less storage and less maintenance efforts but provides convenience to the students despite its demerits.


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