Weekly Working Hours for Students Survey CELPIP Writing

Weekly Working Hours for Students Survey CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your university is conducting survey to know how many work hours should be permitted to students in a week time. The University has sent out an opinion survey to see what students think about it.

Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

Weekly working hours for Students:

Option A: Less than 15 hours per week in a single job.
Option B: More than 20 hours per week with all multiple jobs hours added.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Weekly Working Hours for Students

Model Answer 1

I think a student should not be working much during their study, and less 15 hours would be kind enough to gain experience and earn monthly expenses. Even though working in multiple jobs and spending more than 20 hours a week allows them to have the knowledge and make more dollars, but students would start feeling a crisis of learning and preparation when the exam would knock the door.

Firstly, the primary purpose of allowing students to work is to add values in their field of study so that they can learn through practical situations. This would assist them in the long run when they start their jobs. And, 15 hours a week should be considerable time to achieve it while studying their course.

Secondly, the more students start focusing on work through multiple jobs, the less they would get time to study, and having more than 25 hours a week will be a disaster for their career. They need to consider first and then earn experience.

Considering the above reasons, I believe that students should have less than 15 hours with a single job. They would reap the rewards with study and work together and will have an excellent balance to achieve their goal. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I would support whatever decision is made.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

CELPIP Survey on Weekly Working Hours

Model Answer 2

To Whom it may concern.

In my opinion, students should be allowed less than 15 hours per week in a single job. Even though working for longer duration may help them earn and payout their student loans earlier, this will have a long term adverse effect on their future.

Firstly, working for longer duration will divert their focus from studies. At university, students are at a crucial stage of their life. Their future depends upon how much they gain and how well they perform. Hence, the students should be encouraged to concentrate on studies rather than the earnings.

In addition to this, having a pocket full of money at this early stage may drag the adolescents into bad habits like smoking, drinking and drugs. These attracting and vibrant looking habits may sink them so deep that it becomes difficult for them to get out of it for the entire life.

Considering the above reasons, I think students should only be allowed to work for a maximum of 15 hours per week. Once they pass out from college, they will have ample time to work and earn their livelihood.


Weekly Working Hours for Students Survey CELPIP Writing

Model Answer 3

I am with the second option of fewer than 15 hours per week in a single job to help the students financially and increase academic output. Moreover, working more than 20 hours, including all jobs, will make them money-minded and negatively affect their health.

Working for fewer hours at a single station will help students financially. That is to say, they can join another workplace after their shift if they want and will earn twice the money to pay for their rent and tuition. Furthermore, they can also give time to their studies as they will be working few hours at each work, which will raise their grades.

On the other hand, employment at multiple places will encourage them to earn more money as there are no rules set for the upper limit of hours for a job. It will also affect their physical and mental well-being as they will not get any time to relax or study. celpipmaterial.com

I hope I made my opinion clear about working less than 15 hours as it will not only make the person secure about money but will also help them in studies.


CELPIP Survey Question

Model Answer 4

To whom may it concern,

I think less than 15 hours per week in a single job is the maximum for students. Even though allowing more hours is not a bad option and can help many students. Here are my reasons for this preference.

First and more important of all, any student’s high priority should be only study, mainly in our university, which is a place for excellence. Here, there are many assignments, debates, challenging exams, and the opportunity to work as a volunteer in the labs. Therefore, split the student attention and energy to work is not a good deal.

Second, the government has some programs to finance the students without conditions to pay the university, and the conditions are perfect. So, money will not be the justification to work more than 15 hours a week.

Considering these reasons, allowing them to work 15 hours a week at most is essential to graduate better professionals and more work hours a week. It is not necessary to pay the university due to government programs.

I appreciated the opportunity to give my opinion on this issue.

Thank you!

CELPIP Writing Survey Question

Model Answer 5

To whom it may concern.

I recently found that the University is surveying to know about granting hours to work to students. I believe that University adults should be allowed to work around 20 to 25 hours per week to learn more about practical things and support their parents financially.

Students can easily spare around 3 to 4 hours every day after their study. To utilize those hours, they can grow themselves by finding work related to their studies to help them apply their theoretical skills into practice. Moreover, it will prepare them in advance to find a career after accomplishing their studies. Secondly, students can purchase their education and personal stuff with their earnings, such as books, stationery, clothes, and bus pass if required. Furthermore, It will release their parents’ stress a little bit to earn extra money for their children to support.

On the other hand, working less than15 hours a week will not support students financially entirely as in this modern era, students are asked to prepare most of the stuff on the computer to pay its cost, they should have enough money from their job.

In conclusion, considering the reasons mentioned above, I would say that allowing students to work around 20 hours a week will help students and the University both.


CELPIP Responding to Survey Question

Model Answer 6

To whom it may concern,

In response to the survey, I choose Option: A, where students are allowed 15 hours per week in a single job. Although Option: B might look attractive to some students, they can earn extra bucks, but Option A would be more beneficial for everyone. celpipmaterial.com

The first reason is, students, need time to study if students are allowed to work more than 20 hours per week, it will hamper their studies which in turn will impact their future as they would spend more time in the part-time job rather than putting more efforts in their field of study.

Another reason is, students are already overloaded with the syllabus. Every month, they have to give a test, and if they start working more, it will impact their physical and mental health. Many students all over the worked who commit suicide because of failure, and I firmly believe if students get the flexibility to work more, they perhaps opt for it, which would not be suitable for the grades.

I appreciate this opportunity to provide my opinion on the topic.

Kind Regards,

University Survey CELPIP Writing

Model Answer 7

To whom it may concern,

Though working more hours means earning more money for students, I opine in favour of option A. There are several reasons to substantiate my preference.

First and foremost, a student’s primary focus should be studying and not making money. I remember my college days when working and studying at the same time was extremely difficult. You really get exhausted after working for long hours, and it hampers your studies.

Furthermore, your university grades enable you to do higher studies or get a good job. For example, if you want to be a doctor or an engineer or research in any field, you need good marks.

To recapitulate, I believe university students should get some grants or scholarships to substantiate their income. We live in a highly competitive and expensive world, and nothing comes cheap. Most students need to pay for their accommodation, food, and university fees, which is becoming more expensive day by day. Therefore, parents should also support their kids and not make them work so many hours while competing with other students to accomplish their dreams.


CELPIP Survey Question

Model Answer 8

To whom it may concern.

I second with option B because working above 20 hours is a good idea. Students gain good work experience if they work for different organizations, and they also earn good money, which can help them pay tuition fees and bear all other expenses.

Firstly, In the digital era, students need more work experience, which will help them choose the right pathway. In addition to that, they will be getting to know which stream gives them job satisfaction.
Secondly, It may be hard to work while studying. For instance countries like India, parents cannot bear all the expenses. They will get to know how to treat elders with respect at the workplace and follow specific rules and regulations. Nowadays, practical knowledge is essential than a theoretical one. For instance, students in India do not work while studying. They do have only theoretical knowledge. CELPIPMaterial.com

Considering these reasons, I believe option B would be a better chance. Again this is my opinion but, I will accept whatever decision is made.

Thank you for giving me a chance to provide all the inputs on this issue.

David Jr.

Weekly working hours for students Survey

Model Answer 9

To whom it may concern.

I strongly recommend working less than 15 hours per week with a single job.

In every student’s life, University education plays a vital and significant role. It is the place where the students would mould themselves into their future career. There are multiple presentations and assignments during this course, and students will be fully engaged in completing the assignments. Students with a single job can focus on their studies and earn some perks to fill their pockets. Depending upon each student’s financial stability, they can utilise the money for their room rents and pay college fees.

Secondly, if the students are allowed to work more than 20hours per week with multiple jobs, students will be stressed, and there will be significant work pressure on them. There would be a direct impact on their academics, and they will end up scoring fewer marks. Students will be ruining their bright future by working more hours per week.

Hence, I would recommend students for working less than 15 hours per week with a single job.

T. Laxman

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