Write an Email to Bank Manager for New Business

Write an Email to Bank Manager – CELPIP Email Writing

(150-200 words)

Read the following Information.

You are interested in starting your own business.

Write a letter to the bank manager in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Explain what kind of business you want to start
  •  Tell him about the how much money is required,
  • Ask him for the information about loan

CELPIP Writing Task 1 – Write an Email To a Bank Manager for Starting a New Business

Sample Answer 1

Dear Manager,

I am writing this letter to request a loan from your bank to start a new business.

Firstly, I wanted to introduce my business idea to you. It’s a grocery store where I sell a distinguished collection of food products. And I also sell finished food products and beverages. It might be pretty casual to you as I am selling regular products. But I can provide the products’ inventory data, which might surprise you with extensive and new products to market.

In my business, I am engaging with various wholesalers and distributors in product acquisition. This might cost me around $22,000. And the yearly net income is anticipating would be around $85,00. This is the reason I am approaching you with this request.

I can assure with my assets and capital in my hand that I repay the loan with the addition of interest. So, at this moment, I request a response from you with the loan details like eligibility criteria, interest rate and tenure.

I hope for a response from you and a helping hand in starting my business.


Email to the Theme Park Manager

Sample Answer 2

Dear bank manager,

I am writing this letter to inquire about the business loan offered by ABC Bank to the entrepreneur.

My name is Thomas, and I have been with ABC for the last 18 years. For the last ten years, I had been working as a teacher in St. Thomas secondary school. However, I would like to start my institute under the first alphabets of my first and last name like NS Institute.
Although I saved some for an institution, it is not enough to build a coaching centre. Hence, I need to get some loan from Bank. The total amount of money required for starting this business is 40 k, but by deducting my saving from this amount, I think I need half of the money more.

I want to request you send me the loan form and other documents to check my eligibility for getting approval for this amount of loan. Furthermore, the Bank can contact me by phone no 9876543210 or by email at Nathanteacher@gmail.com.

I am looking forward to scheduling a meeting for further discussion.


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