Your Neighbours Have a Dog That is Noisy at Night – Email

Your Neighbours Have a Dog That is Noisy at Night Email Writing

(150-200 words)

Read the following Information.

Your neighbors have a dog that is noisy at night. You can’t sleep.
Write an email to your neighbours in 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

– describe the problem with the dog
– explain why it is important for you to sleep
– outline what your neighbors could do about the situation.

CELPIP Writing Task 1 Email to a Neighbour about their Dog That is Noisy at Night 

Dear Emma,

I am writing to ask you a huge favour that would help me a lot. I am not sure if Robin, my husband, told you, but recently, I started working as a security person at a college campus. It has been great, even though my shifts are always during the night. As a result, I have been struggling to adapt to the night routine and sleep during the day.

I could not help noticing that Bruce is staying off-leash all day long in the backyard so that he can enjoy some time out of the house while we have warm temperatures these days. On the matter, it has been hard for me to fall asleep while he barks at all small noises he hears.

Please do not take me wrong, and I like your cute dog very much since he was a fluffy puppy. However, I would appreciate it if you could keep him inside your house until 4 pm at least so that his barking sound remains isolated. Without any doubt, that would help me get used to this new lifestyle.

Thank you in advance for your comprehension.


A Dog that is Noisy at Night CELPIP Letter Writing

Dear Roze,

I hope you and your family are doing well in these testing times.

I am writing to you in regards to the issue I am facing with your dog, Peter. He is a good dog and mostly behaves well, except when he barks and scratches walls at ungodly hours.

As you already know, I work as a tech. Lead, and I handle the workings of 8-10 people on any given day. As the nights are noisy and Rocket’s kennel is closer to my bedroom, it affects my sleep and affects my work significantly.

If I may, I would like to suggest you take your dog to John’s training center. It is the right coaching center for dogs and they handle behaviour issues and teach discipline and tricks. We took our dog Casper to the same center when he was biting couch, beds, and carpets when he was young, and it worked out well for us.

I would appreciate it if you could look into it and handle this noise situation accordingly.

Thanks & Regards,

CELPIP Writing Task 1 Email to a Neighbour for Noisy Dog

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to you to bring to your attention a problem that I have been having with your dog at night.

As you may already be aware, your dog started making small detours at night around the neighborhood, digging holes in the gardens and often making loud noises. I was awoken by your dog’s barks several times lately, and I had even consulted a doctor and had been prescribed some sleeping pills.

This wouldn’t have been as big of a problem for me if I wasn’t in the middle of my exams, but since I am, it is crucial for me to take good rest and sleep during the right hours; I have morning exams to wake up to.

I will therefore be grateful if you could have your dog looked after by another member of your family away from this neighborhood, even if only until my exams are over, which will be in about three weeks’ time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email, I hope to hear back from you with good news.

Yours sincerely,
Kim Za

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