CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for A Car

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for A Car

Your brother recently got his driver’s license and wants to buy his first car. Give him some advice on how to buy a car.


Remember, when you give advice to your brother, you’re not telling him what he should do. You’re just giving him suggestions. After listening to your advice, he will make his own decision.

In this question, “how to buy a car” is referring to the general process of getting a car. What should your brother do first? Some people take these kinds of questions too literally. They might focus on the word “how” and think: celpipmaterial.com

Get license plate
Pay money Sign papers

If you give an answer like that, it’s probably okay. But really, this question is not that technical. Don’t overthink it. Just give him practical advice on where he should start looking for a car and then maybe tell him some other aspects of the process if you have time.

Vocabulary To Use:

Second-hand (not new)
Auction (a place where people bid, the highest bidder gets the car)
Kijiji (a popular Canadian website)
Insurance Registration
Craigslist (a popular website in Canada and the US)
Dealership (a place that sells cars)

Low-ball offer (much less than the seller is asking)
Haggle (bargain)
Lemon (a car with serious problems)
Private sale (you buy from a person, not a business)
Counter (reply to your offer)
Budget (the amount of money you want to spend)

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for Car Sample Answer

Hey Nathan, I’m really excited for you that you got your driver’s license and are looking for your first car! I’ve bought and sold several cars in my life, so I think I can give you some good advice. Since you just graduated from high school, you probably don’t have a huge budget for a vehicle. The good news is that there are always lots of great second-hand vehicles for sale. I just bought a 2014 Toyota Corolla on Kijiji for $3100. Have you browsed Kijiji yet? That’s a great online community for second-hand things.

Another website is Craigslist. I would start by taking a look on those sites and figure out what kind of car you want to buy. Some people prefer buying vehicles from a dealership because there’s less risk of the car being a lemon. Personally, I prefer a private sale because you can haggle more over the price. Anyway, after you’ve found one you like, you send a message to the seller and ask if you can look at the vehicle and go for a test drive. If you like the vehicle, then you make an offer on it. CELPIP Material

Personally, I always start with a low-ball offer. For example, if the vehicle is $4000, I would offer $3000. They might counter with $3700 and then you could meet somewhere around $3500. After you buy the car, you have to get insurance and registration for it. It’s a pretty easy process.

Anyway, I hope you find a great vehicle! Just let me know if you need any more advice. There’s a vehicle auction once a month that I usually go to. If you want to come along sometime, you’d be more than welcome! celpipmaterial.com

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