CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for GYM

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for GYM

Your friend is trying to get in shape for the summer. Give him some advice on how he can get in perfect shape.


In this question, you need to give some polite advice to someone. Try not to sound bossy.

DON’T say:

You had better not eat junk food.
You should go to the gym.
You need to go jogging every morning.
You must not drink cappuccinos.

DO say:

You could start jogging every morning.
I would recommend hiring a personal trainer.
You might want to consider getting a gym membership.
I would suggest going swimming every evening.
In my experience, running is a great way to burn calories.
It would be good to cut out junk food from your diet.
Personally, I would stop drinking cappuccinos.
One thing you could do is find a workout partner.

Vocabulary To Use:

Build muscle
Crucial (very important)
Beach body (good looking body)
Lift weights
Two cents (input, advice)
Lose weight
Fit as a fiddle (idiom: very fit)
Toned (low body fat / muscles are easily visible)

Bulk up (get bigger muscles)
Trim down (get smaller)
Ripped (muscular)
Six-pack (visible abs)
Burn fat
Burn calories
Gain weight

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for GYM Sample Answer

Hey Josh,

It’s great to hear that you want to get in shape! I’ve learned a lot about fitness over the past few years and I’d be happy to give you some tips. I think the best way to get in shape is to focus on three things: diet, exercising, and routine.

When I first started working out, the biggest mistake I made was not paying enough attention to my diet. Diet is so crucial! Fitness experts say that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. So if you want to have a beach body, you need to eat low-sugar, low-carb foods. Also, if you want a really toned body, you should focus a lot on cardio. Personally, I like running in the mornings and biking in the evenings. I know you like swimming, so that would be a great option as well. Lifting weights is also important if you want to look ripped. Some guys have no body fat, but they’re really skinny. Ideally, you want low body fat AND big muscles.

To build muscle, you need to consume a lot of protein. I would recommend eating chicken or beef at least once a day and drinking a protein shake after every workout. If you do the right things, you’ll see significant results after two or three weeks. The most important thing is to stay consistent. Try to make a routine for yourself that you really enjoy. If you want to bulk up, focus on weightlifting. If you want to trim down, focus on cardio. Anyway, there’s my two cents!

Best of luck in your new goal! Maybe next time I see you, you’ll have a six-pack!

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