CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for Property

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for Property

Your parents are thinking of buying a retirement property in another country. Which country would you recommend? Give specific reasons why you think that country would be a good option for them.


Remember, there are no right or wrong answers on questions like this. It doesn’t matter if you pick Canada, India, Mozambique, or your home country. The person marking your exam has no idea which country your parents currently live in. Just pick the country that you think will be easiest to talk about.

In this question, We would try to think of some simple reasons why someone might want to retire somewhere. Our notes would look like this:

Nice weather
Good healthcare

Cheap cost of living

Remember, you need to speak for 90 seconds! So try to think of several things to talk about so that you fill the allotted time. It’s a good idea to use examples in this question. That will help you speak for a longer time.


Amenity (something that provides convenience)
Spot (place)
Overseas (in a different country)
Tin roof (metal roof)
Roll through (arrive and stay for a short time)
Senior’s discount (when senior citizens pay less)
Balmy (warm and pleasant)
A low of (minimum temperature)
Thundershowers (heavy rain with thunder)
Surgery Checkups
A high of (maximum temperature)

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for Property Sample Answer

Hey Mom and Dad,

It’s great that you guys are considering buying a retirement property overseas! I would recommend buying a property in Philippines. The weather is really awesome there! It’s warm and balmy every day. They have a high of around 28 degrees every day and a low of like 20.

Sometimes thundershowers roll through in the afternoons, but they don’t stay long. It’s actually really nice because it keeps the air fresh. A friend of mine went there and stayed in a house with a tin roof. She loved the sound of the rain on the roof ! Another reason I think Philippines would be a great place to retire is because the healthcare is really good there. It’s high quality and super affordable. The doctors and nurses are very professional and well-trained. You can get all kinds of surgeries there and go for as many checkups as you like. A third reason I would recommend Philippines is because the cost of living is really cheap there. I heard that you can buy a small beach- front property there for under $30,000. Food and other expenses are also really cheap, and there are lots of amenities nearby. If you want to go out to eat or go to the movies, you’ll never have to travel very far! And the best thing about Philippines is you get a great senior’s discount there! Overall, I would say Philippines would be a great spot for you guys.

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