CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation Train Block

CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation Train Block

You are on a road trip in Western Canada and suddenly see a dangerous situation about to happen. Call emergency services and describe what you see. Ask them to send help.

CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation train


There are two differences between Unusual Situation Task and Describe A Scene Task. Firstly, in Unusual Situation task, you’re talking to a person. In Describe a scene task, you’re just describing the scene. Secondly, in unusual situation task, you need to use more specific vocabulary to describe the scene or object. celpipmaterial.com

When you call 911, you need to identify yourself and provide them with relevant information such as your location. Your answer should follow this structure:

  1. Identify yourself
  2. Provide relevant information
  3. Describe the problem
  4. Ask for help


Remote (isolated, inaccessible)
About to happen
(will happen soon)
Bullet train (high speed train)

CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation Train Accident


My name is Zohan, and I’m driving on a highway toward Calgary at the moment. I’m about 140kms away from Calgary, and I see a really dangerous thing about to happen. I see a bullet train crossing a tall bridge, and part of the bridge is broken.

I’m sure the train is going to fall into the river! Please send emergency services to the scene! I think a lot of people are going to get injured so you’ll need to send as many ambulances as you can. Also, I think you’ll need to send a helicopter ambulance because the bridge is in a pretty remote area. I hope you can send help as soon as possible.

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