CELPIP Speaking Task 1 Giving Advice Travelling Abroad

CELPIP Speaking Task 1 Giving Advice for Travelling Abroad First Time

Your parents are traveling abroad for the first time. Give them advice on what to do in an airport.


Many people have never traveled by air before. In this question, just explain the process to your parents in a simple way. Try to use specific vocabulary related to an airport (check in, boarding pass, gate, security check etc.).

Remember, this question is 90 seconds, so think of as many things as you can and take simple notes.
My notes would look like this:

Arrive early Check in
Go through security Find gate
Board plane

Remember, it’s good to have a one-sentence introduction and conclusion in your answer.


Boarding pass
Check in
Confiscate (take away)
Carry on baggage
Levels (floors)
Metal detector
Intimidating (scary)
Checked baggage
Agent (person working at check in)
Liquids and gels

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice for Travelling Abroad First Time

Hey Mom and Dad,

It’s great that you guys are going on a trip! I know airports can seem really intimidating, but don’t worry, I’ll give you some advice. It’s important to arrive at the airport three hours before departure when you’re taking an international flight. When you get to the airport, you want to look for a sign that says “check in”. Most airports have two levels. The bottom level is arrivals and the top level is departures. When you find the check in counter, give the agent your passports and he/she will check you in. At this point, you need to say goodbye to your checked baggage. Make sure you have all your important documents in your carry on! After checking in, you need to go through security. Just follow the signs that say “security check point”. Here, you will need to go through a metal detector and put your carry on bags through a scanner. They might ask you if you have any liquids or gels. If you’re unlucky, they’ll confiscate your toothpaste. After going through security, you need to find your gate. Check your boarding pass for the gate number. When you find the gate, just wait in the lounge until boarding the flight.

Anyway, that’s my advice for you! Don’t forget your passports!

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