CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice Electronic Device

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice Electronic Device

Your grandma wants to learn how to use the internet so that she can communicate with her grandchildren. She doesn’t know what kind of electronic device to buy. Give her some advice on what to buy. celpipmaterial.com


Always remember to consider the person you’re talking to when you answer the CELPIP speaking questions. In this situation, you’re going to talk to your grandma. She probably doesn’t know anything about technology, so you need to give her a simple explanation.

Questions like this don’t require advanced vocabulary, but they require a knowledge  of how people in our culture communicate. In India, people mostly use WhatsApp. In China, many social media outlets are blocked by the government. This means Chinese people might need to learn about Skype, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In Korea, everyone uses Kakaotalk. In Maldives and middle east countries, apps such as Viber are popular. You need to learn about the apps that are popular in Canada. Most Canadians have probably never heard of WeChat, Viber, or any other app that might be popular in your country. celpipmaterial.com

CELPIP Speaking Giving Advice Electronic Device

Hey Grandma,

It’s great that you want to keep in contact with all your grandkids! I would recommend getting a tablet or an iPad. They are very easy to use, and you won’t have to waste time learning a lot of new things like you would if you bought a computer. I could help you set up a Skype account and add all your grandchildren as contacts. Basically, when you want to call someone, you would just press one button to turn on the iPad, then you touch the Skype logo on the screen, then you choose a contact and call them! Another reason I would recommend an iPad is because you could take it with you wherever you go and always keep in touch with people. You would only need to charge it every two or three days. You could get in the habit of plugging it in every night before bed and then you would never have to worry about it running out of battery life! I’ll help you get another app called Instagram. It’s super easy to use as well. On that app, you can see all the cool pictures that your grandchildren post. Just today, for example, I saw some really cool pics that Monica posted from her trip to Vietnam! The nice thing about an iPad is that you can use it as a camera too! That way you can send your grandchildren pics of you too. They would love that. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend getting an iPad! celpipmaterial.com

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Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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