CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation Strange Animal

CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation – Describe an Animal

You are walking through a park and see a very strange animal. Call the local zoo and ask if they are missing an animal. Describe the animal to them.

celpip speaking unusual situation describe a strange animal


There are two differences between Unusual Situation Task and Describe A Scene Task. Firstly, in Unusual Situation task, you’re talking to a person. In Describe a scene task, you’re just describing the scene. Secondly, in unusual situation task, you need to use more specific vocabulary to describe the scene or object.

With strange animals, a very useful term is “cross between”. This means that the animal is the baby of two different species. For example, in this picture, you could say, “This animal looks like a cross between a zebra, a walrus, an eagle, a deer, and a cheetah.”


Pupils (inner part of eye)

CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation- Describe An Animal

My name is Rocky, and I’m just calling from a local park here in Ottawa. I was walking through the park and suddenly saw a really strange animal hiding in the bushes. I’m wondering if it might be missing from the zoo. I’ll just give you a quick description of it. It looks like a cross between a zebra, a walrus, an eagle, a deer, and a cheetah. It has the body of a zebra with black and white stripes, and it has two big wings on either side of the body. It has the head of a walrus with two big tusks. It has big eyes with huge green pupils. On top of its head it has big antlers.

Its tail is like a cheetah orange and white with black spots. The animal also has black hooves. Have you lost an animal like this?

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