CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation Describe Vehicle

CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation Describe Vehicle

You see a very strange vehicle in the mountains. Call your uncle and describe it to him.

celpip speaking unusual situation vehicle


There are two differences between Unusual Situation Task and Describe A Scene Task. Firstly, in Unusual Situation task, you’re talking to a person. In Describe a scene task, you’re just describing the scene. Secondly, in unusual situation task, you need to use more specific vocabulary to describe the scene or object.

Remember to address your uncle as “Uncle John”.

Remember that you can use the words “cross between” for animals and for other things too.

Remember to describe the object in a general way before you start describing the details.


Pair of skis (two skis)
Smart car (a small car)
Suitcase (luggage, baggage)
Door handle
Wheels (tires)
Slanted (tilted, angled)

CELPIP Speaking Unusual Situation- Describe A Vehicle

Hey Uncle John,

It’s David calling here. I’m just driving through the mountains, and I see a really strange vehicle. It looks like a cross between a smart car and a pair of skis. The car doesn’t have wheels.

Instead, it has a pair of skis on the bottom. The body of the car is blue, but the back door is dark green. The door handle is red on the front door and white on the back door. Both the front and the back lights are yellow. The car also has a pink roof rack that is slanted forward.
There’s a green suitcase on it.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if you’ve ever seen a car like this. It looks awesome!

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Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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